TIP255 2 Mbytes SRAM Memory with Battery Backup

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The TIP255 is an IndustryPack compatible module that offers an easy and reliable way to implement 2 Mbytes of SRAM memory with battery backup. The TIP255 is ideal for holding configuration parameter and data logging applications.

Four 512 Kbit x eight low power SRAM devices are used to provide two banks of 1 Mbyte (16 bit wide) SRAM memory.

A non-volatile controller together with the on board lithium battery converts the SRAM into non-volatile memory. The battery status can be monitored by the control and status register. Additionally an interrupt can be generated on battery low.

Accesses to the TIP255 SRAM memory occur within the IP memory space. The IP I/O space holds the control and status register and the interrupt vector register.