TIP672 24 Digital I/O Lines with Differential Interface

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The TIP672 is an IndustryPack compatible module providing 24 digital differential I/O lines using EIA-422 / EIA-485 compatible ESD protected line driver and receiver. Each line can be individually configured as differential input or differential output.

The differential receivers are always enabled, allows determining the state of the I/O line at any time. This can be used as read back function for lines configured as outputs.

All 24 input lines can generate an interrupt. Each input interrupt can individually be enabled and cleared. The signal edge handling is programmable.

Configuring an I/O line as output enables the differential transmitter and the I/O line reflects the state programmed in the output register.

Optional the I/O lines can be configured for simultaneous update internally and across several IPs by an external clock source. The polarity of the external clock source is programmable.

6 resistor networks (4 x 120 ohms) mounted in sockets are used to terminate the differential I/O lines. The resistor networks can be removed or changed in value.

After power-on or reset all I/O lines are configured as input and all pending interrupts are cleared.

Software Support (TIP672-SW-xx) is available for different operating systems.