Logic Interface

IndustryPack® Logic Interface



Single Size IP


I/O Interface

50-conductor flat cable


Number of Outputs

TIP700-10: 16
TIP700-20: 8


Output Isolation

All channels, each two channels share the same power supply and ground


External Output Voltage

24V DC typical
6V DC minimum
48V DC maximum


Output Current

0.5A maximum (0.4A for voltages over 32V)


Short Circuit Current

0.8A typical (2A maximum)


Output Voltage Drop

1.1V typical @ +0.5A


Output Protection

Overload, short circuit, GND and Vs open wire protection, thermal shutdown


Output Watchdog

Can be enabled under software control, 120ms time out


Wait States

IDPROM: no wait states
I/O: no wait states


Power Requirements

65 mA typical @ +5V for all outputs disabled
125 mA typical @ +5V for all outputs enabled


Temperature Range

Operating -25°C to +85°C
Storage -55°C to +125°C



5 - 95% non-condensing



TIP700-10: 286000 h
TIP700-20: 356000 h



TIP700-10: 26 g