TPMC671 16 Digital Inputs 24V, 16 Digital Outputs 24V 0.5A

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The TPMC671 is a standard single-width 32 bit PMC with 16 24V digital inputs galvanically isolated from the computer system by optocoupler. The inputs are also potential free to each other. A high performance input circuit ensures a defined switching point and polarization protection against confusing the pole. All inputs have a common electronic debounce circuit with a freely programmable debounce time. All inputs can generate an interrupt. The signal edge handling is programmable to interrupt on rising, falling or both edges of the input signal.

The TPMC671 has 16 digital high side or low side switches (build option) with galvanic isolation from the computer system by optocoupler. The outputs are also isolated against each other in groups of four outputs. All outputs are protected against short-circuit and thermal overload. The output drivers are capable of driving 0.5A continuous per channel. A hardware watchdog clears all outputs in case of trigger fail. The TPMC671-1xR provides front panel I/O, the TPMC671-2xR provides P14 I/O.

Software Support (TDRV003-SW-xx) for different operating systems is available.