TPMC680 8 x 8 Bit Digital Inputs/Outputs (5V TTL)

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The TPMC680 is a standard single-width 32 bit PMC module offering 64 bit of TTL I/O arranged in 8 x 8 bit ports. Direction of the I/O lines is software programmable for each of the 8 bit ports. Each 8 bit port is built up using a TTL bus transceiver. Each line is protected against ESD and overvoltage.

Each input can generate an interrupt. Signal edge handling is programmable to interrupt on rising and/or falling edge of the input signal. Interrupts can be enabled and disabled for each bit. For interrupt source detection the status of each bit can be read from the interrupt status register.

The TPMC680 supports three basic modes of operation: standard byte I/O with interrupts, 2 x 16 bit port with handshake and 1 x 32 bit port with handshake. The two handshake modes offer double buffered inputs or outputs and interlocked or pulsed handshake output protocol.

In byte I/O mode it is possible to read or write synchronously all 64 lines.

The TPMC680 provides front panel I/O via a HD68 SCSI-3 type connector and rear panel I/O via P14.

Software Support (TPMC680-SW-xx) for different operating systems is available.