TPMC821 Interbus Master Interface Generation 4

Data Sheet (PDF)

User Manual (PDF)

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The TPMC821 is a standard single-width 32 bit PMC module and offers a complete PMC INTERBUS Master Generation 4 (G4) Interface. A MC68332 local controller and the IPMS3 INTERBUS protocol controller are used as controlling units on board of the TPMC821.

The communication between the host CPU and the TPMC821 is handled via a 4 Kbyte Dual Port Memory. The on board firmware running on the MC68332 is the original INTERBUS Master Generation 4 (G4) firmware from Phoenix Contact.

Furthermore the TPMC821 provides a RS232 diagnostic port, the optically isolated INTERBUS interface and status LEDs.

For First Time Users the Engineering Documentation TPMC821-ED is recommended. The Engineering Documentation includes TPMC821-DOC, schematics and data sheets.

Software support (TPMC821-SW-xx) is available for different operating systems.