No Need for Low-Level Code

We were one of the first manufacturers of embedded I/O computer boards offering software support for all our embedded I/O products. This enables the customer to immediately work with our products without the difficulty of integrating low-level code into a specific operating system. Our complete device driver offering began in the mid-1990s when most other manufacturers offered either no software drivers at all or very limited snippets of code.

We have an experienced software team dedicated for just the purpose of supporting multiple operating systems. All work is done in-house at TEWS Technologies, and the group has extensive partnerships with many of the operating system providers.

The development of operating systems always proceeds and the device drivers must follow these steps. Our device drivers are generally delivered in a state that corresponds to the latest version of the operating system. However, we take compatibility with older versions of the operating system and previous device driver versions in mind.

Our device drivers are sold as a one-time buy per project which may be used across as many of our hardware modules for that project without additional licensing fees or purchase. To help facilitate the integration of our device drivers into the end-user systems, the device drivers are delivered in source code except the Windows drivers.

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