RMA Handling

TEWS Technologies works closely with an international network of distributors. In the unlikely event of experiencing technical issues, please get in touch with your sales channel directly to request the return of the defective hardware if necessary.

Hardware can only be returned to TEWS Technologies after a return authorization number (RMA) has been issued.

Defective hardware must be shipped in appropriate packaging, i.e. anti-static packaging. Please note that failure to comply with these instructions can lead to damage of the hardware and loss of warranty.

How to contact Technical Support

TEWS Technologies provides excellent technical support for all its hardware and software products. All TEWS’ support engineers are professionally trained to ensure in-depth support.

To receive fast and specific help please send an Email to

Please include as detailed information about the technical problem as possible with your support request. Any information about the actually used TEWS hardware (complete order option, version/revision and serial number) and TEWS device driver (release information) and the used operating system can be helpful.

Where can I download the device driver for my TEWS product?

We provide device drivers for using our products with major operating systems. These device drivers are buy-items, which have to be purchased separately on a per-project basis. You are allowed to use your purchased device driver release with as many supported TEWS hardware modules in as many systems as you like, as long as they are serving the same project. For new projects using the same hardware and device driver, please order a new device driver release.

For information about pricing and lead time of our products, please contact your local TEWS’ distributor of choice. Please refer to the list of distributors.

What is the Life Cycle Status of my TEWS product?

We are commited to long-term availability of our products. The Life Cycle Status of each product is listed on its corresponding product page. In case of obsolescence, the dates of Last Time Buy and Last Time Delivery is also displayed.

For further information, please also have a look at our Product Discontinuance Policy.

Do you offer information about CE-Conformity, RoHS and REACH?

All our RoHS compliant products (identified by the suffix “R”) comply to the RoHS Directives 2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU. We provide corresponding Declarations of CE-Conformity on request.

For information about REACH, please have a look at our current REACH statement.