Cable Kit for Modules with MDR68 Connector

  • MDR68 Terminal Block
    • 68 pin terminal block
    • MDR68 female connector
  • MDR68 Cable
    • MDR68 male to MDR68 male connector
    • Twisted pairs
    • Cable length: 1.8 m


Product status: Active

The TA312 combines the TA207-10 MDR68 Terminal Block and the TA113-10 MDR68 cable. It is used to build a standard interface for a switch cabinet to connect a lot of TEWS modules with other system devices. The MDR68 Cable Kit is therefore an essential wiring interface for prototyping and in the same way for machines and peripheral equipment.

The TA113 cable is a 68-pin cable that provides a direct connection to the TEWS product range with MDR68 type connectors in the front panel (for example TXMC633, TXMC590 and more). It establishes a one to one connection between the MDR68 type connectors at both sides of the shielded cable. Always two wires are constructed as twisted pairs (1 and 35, 2 and 36, &, 34 and 68).

The length of the cable is at least 1.8m. The permissible maximum voltage for the TA113 is 30V DC.

The TA207 terminal block has a universal socket and may simply mount on standard EM mounting rails as a compact terminal strip. The screw connections of the used terminal block have a nominal cross section of 2.5 mm2.

An additional screw connector provides a possibility to connect the shield of the 68pin male MDR type connector to external case ground.



Cable Kit for Modules with MDR68 Cconnector (TA113-10R and TA207-10R)

TA207-10R: MDR68 Terminal Block
TA113-10R: MDR68 cable; male/male; 1.8 m; 30V

User Manual

User Manual - Issue 1.0.0