DIN Rail Mounting I/O Module (8 x DB9) for TPMC866

  • DIN Rail Mounting I/O module
  • Distributes 8 serial channels
    • from  50 pin ribbon cable connector
    • to 8 DB9 male connectors
  • Compatible with TPMC866

Product status: Not Recommended for New Designs

Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to +85 °C RoHS compliant

The TPMC866-IO is a DIN Rail Mounting I/O module for the serial interface TPMC866 (versions with front panel access).

The TPMC866-IO supports all versions of the TPMC866 (RS232, RS422 and RS485 interfaces).

Eight DB9 male connectors are mounted on the module.

The TPMC866-IO supports TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS and GND for each of the eight serial channels of the TPMC866-10R (RS232).

TxD+/-, RxD+/-, GND are supported for the TPMC866-11R/-12R (RS422) and Dx+/-, GND for the TPMC866-12R (RS485).

Board Size 95 mm x 83 mm
Interface to Serial Lines 8 DB9 male connectors
Interface to IP Connector for 50 conductor flat cable
Cable TA105 (0.8 m ribbon cable with 50 pin ribbon cable connector and HD50 SCSI-2 type male connector)
Shield One terminal provides shield connection to all 8 DB9 connectors
Mounting DIN rail mounting



8 Channel Mounting Rail I/O Module, DB9 connectors

Mounting Rail I/O module for serial modules (e.g. TPMC866); 50 pin ribbon cable connector; 8 DB9 connectors; includes HD50 / SCSI-2 to ribbon cable (TA105-10R)

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Data Sheet - Issue 1.0.1

User Manual

User Manual - Issue 1.0