Dual PMC Carrier for 6U CompactPCI (J3/J5 I/O)

  • Standard 6U CompactPCI module
  • Cost effective solution to provide I/O in CompactPCI environment
  • Flexible I/O (TEWS offers a wide range of I/O PMCs)
  • Supports up to 2 single-width 32 bit PMC
  • Provides access to the PMC front I/O
  • Optional provides rear I/O (P14) via CompactPCI connector J3 and J5
  • 33 MHz / 66 MHz PCI frequency

Product status: Active

Based on a Texas Instruments PCI to PCI Bridge with a 32bit 66MHz primary and secondary interface, the TCP262-10R supports a 32bit 66MHz CompactPCI bus and two 32bit 66MHz PMC modules on the local PCI bus of the TCP262.

The TCP262 is a standard 6U CompactPCI carrier that provides front I/O and rear I/O for up to two single width PMC modules.

A transparent PCI to PCI Bridge is used as the PCI bridging device between the primary CompactPCI bus and the on-board secondary PCI bus where the two PMC slots reside.

The TCP262 supports standard PMC front I/O and CompactPCI rear I/O fully compatible to the TCP260. The PMC slot 2 (upper PMC) I/O lines are connected directly to the CompactPCI connector J5. The PMC slot 1 (lower PMC) I/O lines are connected directly to the CompactPCI connector J3.



2 Slot PMC Carrier

CompactPCI Carrier; 6U/4TE; 2 PMC Slot; 33 MHz/32 bit PCI bus; 5 V / 3.3 V (PCI / PMC) I/O signaling voltage; PMC front panel I/O; Rear I/O via J3/J5

Data Sheet

Data Sheet - Issue 1.0.0

User Manual

User Manual - Issue 1.0.0