VHDCI-100 Cable, 1.2 m

  • VHDCI-100 to 2x HD50 / SCSI-2
  • Cable length: 1.2 m
  • Maximum voltage is 30 V DC

Product status: Active

The TA110 represents an adequate connection from a VHDCI-100 module connector to two standard HD50 connectors. On one side of the shielded cable a 100 pol. Honda HDRA connector is mounted. On the other side two HD50 (SCSI-2 type compatible) connectors provides a typical XMC/PMC used connection. The pin assembly is optimized for the connection to a TEWS TXMC635-xx reconfigurable FPGA with Digital and Analog I/O Interface.
The TA110 VHDCI-100 Cable in conjunction with two TA201-10 HD50 Terminal blocks could be used for prototyping and also for series.
Length of the TA110 VHDCI-100 Cable is at least 1.2 m.
The permissible maximum voltage for the TA110 is 30V DC.



VHDCI-100 Cable

VHDCI-100 to 2x HD50 / SCSI-2 cable; cable length: 1.2 m; 30 V DC

User Manual

User Manual - Issue 1.0.0