HDRA100 to 2x HD50 / SCSI-2 Cable

  • HDRA100 male to 2x HD50 male connector
  • Cable length: 1.2 m
  • Maximum voltage is 30 V DC

Product status: Active

The TA114 represents an adequate connection from a HDRA100 module connector to two standard HD50 connectors.

On one side of the shielded cable a 100 contacts Honda HDRA connector is mounted. On the other side two 50 contacts Honda HD (SCSI-2 type compatible) connectors provide a more common connection.

The TA114 Cable in combination with two TA201 HD50 Terminal Blocks can be used for prototyping and also for series.

The cable length of the TA114 is at least 1.2 m.

The permissible maximum voltage for the TA114 is 30V DC.



HDRA100 to 2x HD50 / SCSI-2 Cable

HDRA100 male connector to 2 HD50 / SCSI-2 male connectors; 1.2 m; 30 V DC

User Manual

User Manual - Issue 1.0.0