RJ45 Terminal Block

  • 8x RJ45 terminal block
  • 68-pin Edge Rate Twinax Cable connector

Product status: Active

Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to +85 °C RoHS compliant

The TA206 is used as a standard interface for a switch cabinet to connect a TEWS module with a Samtec 0.8mm EDGE RATE TWINAX CABLE via 8 RJ45 connectors with other system devices. The RJ45 Terminal Block is therefore an essential wiring interface for prototyping and in the same way for machine and peripheral equipment.

Cable connection is designed to use a Samtec 0.8mm EDGE RATE TWINAX CABLE. Two mounting holes of UNC4-40 are provided for the cable connection.

The TA206 has a universal socket and may simply mount on standard EM mounting rails as a compact terminal strip.

An additional screw connector provides a possibility to connect the shield of the 8 port RJ45 connector to external case ground.



Twinax Cable Terminal Block

Terminal Block; Twinax cable to 8 RJ45 connectors

User Manual

User Manual - Issue 1.0.0