2 Channel 10GBASE-T Ethernet

  • Standard single-size XMC module
  • 2 channel 10GBASE-T / 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX
  • Front panel I/O (2 RJ45 connectors)

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Product status: Discontinued

The TXMC887 is a Switched Mezzanine Card (XMC) compatible module providing a two channel Ethernet 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T / 10GBASE-T interface.

The XMC-Connector P15 provides access to the Intel" X540 dual port 10GbE controller via an x8 PCIe link. Both Ethernet interfaces support 100, 1000 Mbit/s and 10 Gbit/s transmission rates at full duplex operation. The controller is equipped with a 16 Mbit serial flash memory which is accessed by hardware at power-up, which has a firmware area and which can be accessed by software.

The two Ethernet interfaces of the TXMC887 are capable of performing an auto-negotiation algorithm which allows the link-partners to determine the best link parameters. The Ethernet controller on the TXMC887 is user configurable via configuration and register accesses over the PCIe interface.

The TXMC887-10R provides two 100/1000/10000 Mbit/s Ethernet interfaces via front panel RJ45 connectors.

Both ports are galvanically isolated from the Ethernet controllers and LEDs indicate the different network activities.

Software Support:

  • Software support for Intel X540 at www.intel.com
  • For operating systems not supported by Intel", please contact TEWS.




2 Channel 10GBASE-T Ethernet

2 channel 10GBASE-T Ethernet interface; 2x Front I/O via RJ45 connector


Third Party Device Driver Support

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Data Sheet - Issue 1.0.1

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