32 x Analog-In MTCA.4 µRTM for Class A2.1 for TAMC532

  • Micro Rear Transition Module compatible to TAMC532
  • MTCA.4 compliant
  • 32 differential analog inputs
  • Filter Block
    • Programmable gain
    • Programmable Gaussian shaping amplifier
    • Pole-Zero is adjustable
  • 8 RJ45 connectors

Product status: Active

The TAMC532-TM is a MTCA.4 compliant Micro Rear Transition Module for the TAMC532. Eight RJ45 connectors are used as input connectors for the 32 differential analog inputs of the TAMC532-TM.

Each of the 32 differential analog inputs is connected to its own filter block.

The filter block consists of an input buffer with programmable gain, a Gaussian shaping amplifier with programmable shaping time and an output buffer with adjustable baseline shift. The Pole-Zero compensation is adjustable by use of a digital potentiometer. This is ideal for readout of charge sensitive preamplifiers.

The baseline shift is useful if the input signal is always positive (or negative). It allows to increase the gain and to make better use of the ADC input voltage range.
All settings are common for groups of 8 inputs.

The output of the filter block is accessible by the AMC via Zone 3.

A Clock input is available in the TAMC532-TM front panel as well. A coaxial connector is used to feed the single-ended signal into the TAMC532-TM. After a single-ended to LVDS conversion, the signal is connected to Zone 3, RTM_CLK0.

Zone 3 pin assignment and the µRTM management implementation are MTCA.4 compliant and comply with Zone 3 Classification Recommendation according to Class A2.1.



32 Differential Analog Inputs

MTCA.4 µRTM for Class A2; 32 Differential Analog Inputs


32 Differential Analog Inputs (without pulse shaping and pole-zero compensation)

MTCA.4 µRTM for Class A2; 32 Differential Analog Inputs; without pulse shaping and pole-zero compensation


32 Differential Analog Inputs (different filter times, without pole-zero compensation)

MTCA.4 µRTM for Class A2; 32 Differential Analog Inputs; different filter times; without pole-zero compensation

Data Sheet

Data Sheet - Issue 1.0.2

User Manual

User Manual - Issue 1.0.0

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