TEWS TECHNOLOGIES is a leading manufacturer of embedded I/O solutions based on the IndustryPack, PMC, XMC, PCI, PCIe, CompactPCI (cPCI), VMEbus, FMC and AMC industrial standards.


03/26/2015 User-Programmable FPGA TPMC634

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES announced today the TPMC634, a standard single-width 33MHz 32-bit PMC module providing a user programmable FPGA with front-I/O and P14 rear-I/O. The TPMC634 is designed for industrial, COTS, and transportation applications, where specialized I/O or long-term availability is required. The TPMC634 provides a number of advantages including a customizable interface for unique customer applications and a FPGA-based design for long-term product lifecycle management.

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02/02/2015 Conduction Cooled Ethernet Interface TXMC385

TEWS increases its I/O offering beyond PMC and IndustryPack modules with the TXMC385, a Conduction Cooled Switched Mezzanine Card (CCXMC) module. The four channel 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet Interface is ruggedized for harsh environmental conditions including COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf), industrial, communication, networking and transportation applications.

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11/27/2014 PCI Express XMC Carrier TPCE275

With a solid background and long-term experience in modular interface products based on open standards, TEWS TECHNOLOGIES is expanding its product range with the TPCE275, a versatile solution to upgrade well known XMC I/O solutions to the PCI Express signaling standard.

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